Microblading ( Eyebrown Design) Certificate Program - İstanbul Arel Üniversitesi
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Microblading ( Eyebrown Design) Certificate Program

Program Content

With the micro blading application method and golden ratio eyebrow measurements, you can have a natural and pleasing appearance that is suitable for your face, indistinguishable from the hairs on your eyebrows, so it is a highly preferred method.



1. Hygiene
2. Anatomy and Physiological Structure of the Skin
3. Face Shapes
4. Eye Lash Colors
5. Eyebrow (Golden Ratio)
6. Selection and Preparation of the Color
7. Microblading Equipment
8. 3D Hair Technique
9. Microblading Treatment (Practice on Latex)
10. Microblading Treatment (Practice on a Live Model)

Education Details

Topkapı-Cevizlibağ Campus


10 Hours (2 Days)

USD Account

Account Name: T.C. Istanbul Arel University

Yapı Kredi Bank

TR70 0006 7010 0000 0097 7601 91


Applicants who want to enroll in the program must make payments to the bank account of the university.


The university is not responsible for the payments to any other bank account.