Restaurant & Culinary Management Certificate Program - İstanbul Arel Üniversitesi
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Restaurant & Culinary Management Certificate Program

This programme will help you develop skills and understand the key concepts in restaurant operations. It will cover procedural knowledge needed for real-life scenarios and the right competencies to support execution excellence in restaurant operations.


Programme Modules


• Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Industry
• General Language Training
• Financial Accounting
• Food Production
• Principles of Management
• Food Nutrition, Hygiene and Sanitation
• Purchasing, Cost and Control
• Food and Beverage Service Skills
• Restaurant Operation and Services
• Introductory English


• Principles of Marketing
• Growth Mindset
• Service Quality Management
• Hospitality, Tourism and Food Law
• Co-curriculum Management
• Entrepreneurship
• Restaurant Operations
• Restaurant Customer Service
• Food Handling and Storage
• Academic English


• Internship
• Kitchen Operation
• Restaurant Leadership and Teamwork Skills

Strategic restaurant revenue management is a critical ingredient in your recipe for profitability. But using a proven system to manage key variables has impacts beyond revenue it has a ripple effect on customer service. Creating optimal table mixes and pricing helps you meet customer needs better than ever before.
This certificate program consists of two ten-week courses that cover the fundamentals of successful revenue management, providing practical guidance for implementing a restaurant revenue management strategy. You’ll learn to optimize occupancy, table mix, meal duration, reservations and pricing, as well as use proven processes to diagnose operational problems and improve the customer service experience. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to bring your new knowledge together with a collection of tools for implementing a revenue management strategy that boosts profits depending on whether your restaurant is busy or slow.

Education Details

Tepekent Kemal Gözükara Campus



USD Account

Account Name: T.C. Istanbul Arel University

Yapı Kredi Bank

TR70 0006 7010 0000 0097 7601 91


Applicants who want to enroll in the program must make payments to the bank account of the university.


The university is not responsible for the payments to any other bank account.